Life Blueprints

Life Blueprints

My mission is to help people enrich their personal & professional character through the application of “LifeBlueprints” Success Components & Strategies.


Program Objectives: To increase personal & professional:

  • Commitment
  • Effectiveness
  • Productivity
  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Motivation
  • Morale

Sonny’s Story

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer in 1993 which immediately became the largest challenge in my life. Sharing the experiences of this personal challenge during all of my LifeBlueprints Success Components presentations has proven to provide encouragement, hope, and help to program participants with their personal challenges of life. Having been through this; I can personally relate to life’s toughest challenges and therefore share a message of hope and of never giving-up to all who hear.

Professionally I can attest to the challenges associated with being an Entrepreneur as well.

My personal & professional challenges have helped me to create a mind-set and attitude of never giving up and to always look forward to success on the horizon. This attitude has sustained my personal vision to always stay focused on the main things in life that matter most; which is for me becoming the very best that I can be for those I love and care about. Yes; that includes my work, my business, my family life, and my relationships with others.

This attitude and thought inspired one of my newest songs entitled “The Best Of Me”.

What kind of school, business, church, and/or group would you have if everyone associated with your organization gave their very best each and everyday?

Make a commitment today to begin your journey of personal and professional enrichment!

About Sonny

  • Native of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Graduate – Myrtle Beach High School
  • Graduate – The University Of South Carolina – BA Psychology
  • Graduate – The University Of South Carolina – Master Of Education
  • Former Career/Technical Education Teacher – Horry County Schools, SC
  • 1990 Horry County Schools “Teacher Of The Year” 2nd Runner-Up
  • Facilitator – Horry County Schools “Office Of Strategic Planning”
  • Assistant Principal
  • Principal
  • Former Member “Board Of Trustees” – Charleston Southern University, Charleston, SC
  • Business Owner – Reflections Assisted Living @ Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach, SC

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking has always been a personal passion; as I love to help people through their personal and professional challenges of life.

I believe that music is a unifying language as it has a way of breaking down barriers and pulling people together. Using music in my presentations has always been important to me as it has always provided heart-felt results.

Challenging people to become the very best that they can be has always been exciting to me.

Educational Programs

LifeBlueprints Success Components addresses all three critical audiences in Education.

  1. Student Assemblies/Small Group Sessions
  2. Parent Sessions
  3. Teacher Professional Development Sessions

Increasing the challenge to become your very best is at the heart of each Session. What kind of School would your school be if everyone gave their very best each day? With heartfelt music at the core of each session; both personal and professional results are guaranteed.

Personal Enrichment

It is my belief and experience that people who are happy with their personal lives excel professionally at higher levels of success. “Life is to short to not be personally happy!” Once you are; professional happiness follows. Personal problems will pull you down professionally as in turn personal happiness will accelerate your professional life.

Personal happiness …..
Professional happiness …..
Increased personal & professional results!

Professional Enrichment

Professional Enrichment and the passion to excel within the workplace is of paramount importance if we are to exceed our professional expectations. It’s so easy to become discouraged due to a significant decline in effective and productive professional relationships across America today.

LifeBlueprints Success Components will address the heart of these relationships and the noteworthy importance of each.

Working together as a unified team is critical throughout the journey of becoming your very best; both personally and professionally.

Business Sessions

To ensure the best possible results within your business you should focus on the personal and group morale of your people. A high percentage of employees become discouraged and even change jobs due to the incredible hardship that is created when employees cannot get along or simply do not like each other. Lets face it; it’s the truth! “The Business” will always suffer in these situations.

LifeBlueprints Success Components addresses this critical issue and offers numerous strategies to offset this threat in business.

Imagine how increasingly effective your business can become when all employees give their very best each day. Working together and getting along in all relationships for the common good and growth of your business or the business you serve should be your daily goal.

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